April 13, 2024

Israel’s attack on Gaza shines a fresh light on BDS and brands complicit in genocide. We know that finding BDS-friendly, pro-Palestinian brands can be difficult, so we’ve teamed up with Mariah Idrissi to list some of our favourite labels to support.

With the devastating world events taking place and the feeling of frustration, grief and at times, helplessness, it’s important for us to remain proactive and positive in doing our part as a society.

Social media has been an emotional outlet and more importantly – a platform to spread information which I believe has made the campaign to ‘Free Palestine’ so prominent.

As humans, we naturally feel a connection to causes that relate to us whether it be shared religion, race or language but also through knowledge.

This past month has shown us how valuable education is when it comes to fighting for justice by unveiling the truth.

“The success of boycotting brands has proven effective and whilst we may know where to avoid, it’s also important to have the options that guide us where to go”

That being said, I wanted to do my part with The New Arab by compiling a list of brands that provide ‘genocide-free’ products.

Aside from supporting brands that value ethics at their core, it’s great to have awareness of independent brands too.

Here are 11 of our favourite pro-Palestinian, genocide-free brands to shop online.


Founded by Maame and Rhian, MamaSia is a beauty and well-being brand designed to bring you organic and ethically made products from Ghana.

MamaSia’s formulations are predominately produced by hand using ancient African techniques combined with modern beauty standards. Your support enables them to give back 5% of their annual income to extended families in rural Ghana.

Check out: The Shea Butter range is one (if not) the best I’ve tried and religiously use.

Haute Hijab

For the scarf-wearing and scarf-loving ladies out there, Haute Hijab provides both high-quality and stylish hijabs and ships globally.

Founded by Melanie El Turk, Haute Hijab is based in New York and is the largest hijab online retailer in the USA.

Outside of selling hijabs, Melanie has built a huge community, is an international speaker and has a successful blog sharing important stories.

Check out: The essential Jersey hijab along with all her products is made with love and attention to detail.

MZ Skin

Recognised as one of the best clinics in the UK and Ireland, founder Dr Maryam Zamani is a global leading Oculoplastic Surgeon and Aesthetic Doctor based in London.

Dr Zamani created a range of skincare products using scientifically proven ingredients of the highest calibre.

Dr Zamani wanted to ensure that you don’t need to compromise the luxury of appearance and sensory experiences for the ‘functionality’ of a great product.

Check out: The Retinol Skin Booster which is clinically proven to reduce fine lines by 43% after 8 weeks.

ANZ Clothing

ANZ is a British-founded fashion brand established by Ainy Naim. Her approach is centred around the reinvention of heritage knitwear, incorporated from her immigrant London upbringing and merging them with modern aesthetics.

Her designs are crafted in North London and manufactured through partnerships with family-run factories in the UK.

Check out: The Everyone is Free hoodie is one to grab. Their keffiyeh print detailing across the brand makes ANZ one to love even more. 

Huda Beauty

American Iraqi founder, Huda Kattan is a household name when it comes to all thing’s cosmetics. Her outspokenness around Palestine went viral as loyal and new customers showed support for her brand and cause.

Check out: Concealer is a makeup bag essential and Huda’s Faux Filter Luminous Matte Concealer is my go-to. 

Tuesday in Love

Tuesday in Love is a Halal nail polish brand founded by Dr Umar Dar in Canada. His personal love story gave way to creating a much-needed product in the market.

With a large range of nail polish colours, the company has grown to sell hijabs, bath products, hair and cosmetics and fragrances.

Check out: The Desert Rose polish is a favourite  their nail polishes are water permeable and all the information you need about how it works is on their website.


It’s in the name and it’s certainly comfortable clothing! Founded by Content Creator and Designer Samia, Comfee creates minimalist and stylish designs.

The brand has a give-back approach, donating €1 of each product purchased to support orphans in need.

Check out: The Oversized T-shirt Dress is a Spring/Summer essential and can be accessorised or worn minimally.


PaliRoots is more than a brand, it’s a movement inspired by Palestinian roots incorporated into their designs and products.

Founded in 2016, the PaliRoots mission is to bring awareness to the world about Palestinian culture by crafting speciality products inspired by its people and identity.

From Keffiyeh’s to jewellery and much more,  they also have two charity programs you can support, the PaliRoots Meal Program and the PaliRoots Funding Projects.

Check out: The ‘I Love Palestine’ gold necklace is a loved piece and comes in different metals too.

Lyra Swimwear

Lyra was created through one woman’s struggle to find swimwear that suited her lifestyle. For someone who dressed modestly and also loved swimming and keeping fit whilst having a keen eye for fashion, swimwear that incorporated it all was impossible to find.

Lyra ensures ethical working conditions (as all brands should) and is a recognised supporter of the #ThisGirlCan campaign.

Check out: The Sofia Pastel swimwear comes in a range of colours and you can also find swim hijabs and other accessories too.


Lush is well-known for their glorious body and bath products but also for its determination towards ethical values across all businesses. ALL their products are hand-made across six countries around the world.

They have several charitable partnerships and have not shied away from speaking for humanitarian rights in Gaza.

Check out: The Sleepy shower gel is a bestseller and its lavender fragrance will sink into bedtime.


Aab is a premium modest wear brand established in 2007 after identifying a gap in the market for clothing that is elegant, on-trend and above all else, modest.

From the outset, Aab has been defined by values of fairness and responsibility to their customers and communities operated in. Care and attention to detail are put into all of their products which are not mass-produced. 

Check out: The Jilbab Nude Prayer Outfit is a great buy and made for daily wear or just prayers.

The success of boycotting brands has proven effects and whilst we may know where to avoid, it’s also important to have the options that guide us where to go. 

Mariah Idrissi is an international model, writer, and public speaker promoting modest fashion and female empowerment. Experienced in the modelling and fashion industry, she shares her inspirational journey with others.

Follow her on Instagram: @mariahidrissi