February 25, 2024

Find your new signature scent.

Whether it’s comprised of high-end perfumes or a mix of body spray, deodorant and a slick of sweat, your scent is deeply personal. This means when it comes to buying a new fragrance, the choices can feel overwhelming. Let’s be honest – deep down, “You smell amazing” is the compliment we’re all striving for.

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And because we don’t believe in gatekeeping here at FJ, we’ve asked our readers to share their all-time most-complimented fragrances. Sweet and feminine, androgynous and woodsy – there’s a scent here for (almost) every preference. Scroll on to see what Fashion Journal readers had to say.

Kalli*, 32, she/her

I received Haze by Who is Elijah for my 30th birthday. Being gifted a fragrance can always be a bit risky, but this scent is divine. I wouldn’t typically go for a scent like it, so I’m glad I received it as a gift and loved it! It’s smokey and sexy – I always get compliments from girls, guys and theys alike.

Noa*, 22, she/her

Burberry Her eau de toilette. This smells like spring to me, citrusy and fruity. It’s super girly, I love it and always get compliments on it.

Lydia*, 22, she/her

Bendito Beso by Beso Beach. It’s my favourite because it just makes me smell so clean! The top note in it is neroli water, so it just smells so fresh and lovely. I have never received so many compliments on a scent before!

Anjelika*, 29, she/her

Super Milk from Lush. I first got it as a hair perfume and got so many compliments on the scent. It’s kind of sweet and fresh at the same time and it lingers the entire day but it’s not too strong. They’ve now launched it in a limited-edition perfume as well.

Enid*, 19, she/her

Baccarat Rouge 540.

Saoirse*, 26, she/her

Divine by Jean Paul Gaultier. The name says it all! It truly is divine. It’s sweet and warm and vanilla-y. One spray goes a long way and you’ll be getting compliments all day!

Adriana*, 20, she/her

There’s Sandor 70, which is like a boozer fragrance I picked up in Melbourne at Lore Perfumery. It’s inspired by a bar in the ’70s and smells like leather couches, cigs and cocktails. Or Guidance by Amouage, which is a saffron, nutty, lactonic scent.

Cherise*, 24, she/her

Maison Margiela Matcha Meditation. It has a sweet and natural scent of green tea, matcha and jasmine. It’s not chemically sweet like a lot of other perfumes. And most importantly, it lasts so long! With other brands’ fragrances, I couldn’t sense the scent after about half an hour but with Maison Margiela’s, five hours will pass and I can still smell it in the air around me. The same goes with Maison’s Beach Walk. Magical!

Eden*, 22, they/them

Genetic Bliss 2787. This is the first non-overtly-femme fragrance of mine, and I feel so sexy when I wear it! Strangers will stop and ask me what it is, and I’ve had colleagues bug me until I brought it in to work so they can see how it works with their skin before splurging. It is pricey, and the last batch I bought doesn’t seem to linger like the others… but damn, it’s just so smooth.

Sweet, woody, a little musky – she’s divine. I got it from Lore Perfumery in Fitzroy. I’m not sure if they still sell it, but I recommend a visit regardless. The store is small but well-ordered with luxurious skin and body products. The shop assistants listen to your desires and produce an array of suitable scents. Very patient and laid-back.

Amahle*, 28, she/her

Ds & Durga’s Coriander. It took me forever to find my signature scent, but I’m so glad I found it. It’s the perfect mix of fresh but a little peppery, and it’s unlike any scent I’ve smelt before (trust me, I’ve tried them all). It’s sophisticated but still very cool, and people always say I smell lovely.

Lyssa*, 30, she/her

Hwyl from Aesop. It really keeps the punters happy.

Reina*, 27, she/her

Falling by Ramp Tramp Tramp Stamp. I only got her recently and have been complimented by so many people – friends, family, clients and workmates. I just love it so much. It smells like the end of spring and the start of summer, sort of when Christmas vibes start to emerge. It has a native anise in it and that along with the other scents is just magical. It’s a roll-on oil perfume situation, which is perfect for my sensitive skin. I’m just obsessed.

Kim*, 27, she/her

Tocca’s Simone. It’s such a beautiful scent and I always get compliments on it from strangers! Great for everyday wear.

Priya*, 23, she/her

Dkny Be Delicious Green Apple! It smells just like an apple.

Valentina*, 22, she/her

Fuck Boy by Perdrisàt, it’s like a pina colada in a bottle with a deep twist… so good. You also only need one spray and it lasts the whole day. It’s also so fun to say the name when people ask what it is. Genuinely never been asked about anything more.

Harmony*, 27, she/her

By the Fireplace in winter or Beach Walk in summer – both by Maison Margiela. I’d just preface that scents smell different on different people so best to get a tester where possible before commuting to purchasing one.

Damla*, 19, she/her

My most-complimented perfume is by Carner Barcelona, and it’s called Rockstar (you can buy it from Lore Perfumery in Brunswick). I love it because it feels like me and it has aquatic, warm and light hints. It mixes with the natural smell of my skin to become a very mellow and comfortable but still beachy scent. My friends now associate the fragrance with me, which I love.

Blair*, 18, she/they

Okay, you have to layer Hermes Twilly and Malin and Goetz Strawberry! You won’t believe the number of people saying “Ooh you smell lovely.”

Dani*, 25, she/they

Workshop by Roemy. It has notes of Bulgarian rose, violet, cedar and leather. It’s perfect for me because it’s the first unisex perfume I’ve tried that is delicate yet empowering. And it smells delicious! Melbourne-made and cruelty-free!

Flavia*, 21, she/her

Do Son by Diptyque (eau de toilette). It’s the perfect floral scent without being too overpowering. Especially love the notes of tuberose. I’ve been complimented on it by the likes of my dentist, hairdresser and the doctor performing my blood test…

Dion*, 22, she/her

Cloud by Ariana Grande, also known as the cheaper dupe for Baccarat Rouge 540! I love it because it has more of a ‘mature’ smell without being too woody or pungent that it gives you a headache. I have been complimented on both scents so many times.

Ann*, 33, she/her

CK One. It’s cheap, unisex and people always ask me what it is. I would love to find another scent but all the ones I like are just too expensive. If there are any dupes or alternatives then I would be so into that.

Roza*, 33, she/her

I’ve worn Ralph by Ralph Lauren since I was 15 years old and will probably wear it till the day I die. Every time I wear it, without fail someone will compliment me on how good I smell. It has such a fresh scent. It’s not too sweet or flowery and is super affordable. I’ve also never met anyone else who wears it, so feel like it’s just my scent now. If I could get exclusive ownership of it I would.

Eva*, 27, she/her

Maison Louis Marie’s #4 Bois de Balincourt! I had the perfume oil given to me as a present. It is simply divine, it’s sweet but earthy. Familiar but fancy. I get so many compliments. Also, it apparently smells similar to Le Labo Santal 33, but it’s less pricey which is a win!

Yael*, 24, she/her

Diptyque’s Tam Dao eau de parfum gets the best compliments from guys. It turns heads while I walk through bars and stops people on the street. Dedcool’s Milk Layering + Enhancing fragrance is way more subtle and sunny, it definitely gets me more compliments from other girls.

*Names have been changed.

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