June 13, 2024

While Creal enthuses over the number of people who have been “so generous and supportive and loving in order to make it all come together”, she is also quick to admit that the route to launching her brand has not been without its challenges, particularly when it came to raising funds—a world that is notoriously helmed by men. “You know that is generally the dirty secret about beauty,” she says with a raised brow. “It is run by men. And I was reminded of this when I had to go out to investors and raise money. I’d never done it before; it was daunting and a lot of the experience was highly discouraging. One man actually said to me, ‘I just don’t think older women want to look at older women,’” she recalls with incredulity. “And I had to say to him, I have the data that proves you wrong. I asked 2,000 women this question and you know what their answers were? Ninety-nine percent agreed that providing education, age representation, and age-specific formulations were essential for women over 40 plus. And 89% said a beauty brand addressing the unique needs of women 40 plus is necessary. I was respectful but I was furious, absolutely furious,” she adds with a chuckle.

Still, she reasons, considering wider society, that ageism and misogyny within the beauty industry shouldn’t come as a surprise. “Yes, it permeates our industry but it is totally reflective of the patriarchy in which we live where, when a woman is no longer a vessel for reproduction or sex, she is suddenly no longer relevant.” She shakes her head and adds with a wry smile. “You know, I’ve spent a lot of time in my career in a lot of situations explaining to men what women want. I’m so glad that is over.”

Everything You Need To Know About Sarah Creal’s Products, In Her Own Words

Back of the Cab, a Volumizing LongWear Tubing Mascara

This is a one-coat creamy mascara that conditions the lashes, adds volume, and gives the effect of lash extensions.

“My mascara was really about helping women dealing with ‘panda eyes’. From my research, I realized that women are ‘quiet quitting’ their mascara because this makeup is not keeping up with her. I realized the issue. If you start with a volumizing mascara in your 30s, you’re like, this is the best thing ever, I love this mascara, it’s fantastic. But in your 30s, you have a lot of lashes. Fast forward 15-20 years, you have fewer lashes, and you continue to use the volumizing mascara but it isn’t looking so great now. In that time, there’s a good chance that you’ve also added a rich eye cream and a concealer because you’re getting dark circles. Both of those formulas probably have oils that are sitting on top of the skin. And those are acting as a makeup remover on the polymer that is keeping up your volumizing mascara. So, they’re suffering from a compatibility issue, and they don’t even realize it. So I’ve not only created a tubing mascara which has a more cylindrical way of coating the lashes—it sort of wraps itself around the lashes to create volume without using any of those traditional volumizing balls—I’ve also created other products that complement your mascara. Which by the way, breaks up easily with warm water because when you have fewer lashes, you want to hold on to them!”

Moisture Source, a Bi-phase Brightening Essence


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