February 25, 2024

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Throughout my life, I’ve often struggled with my red hair. When I was younger, I didn’t like feeling “different.” After that, I learned to like my hair but had no clue how to use my natural features to my advantage. I would wear makeup that never worked with my complexion. I would wear colors that washed me out or dulled the color of my hair.

No one in my immediate family has red hair, and no rulebook teaches us the ins and outs of all things redhead beauty-related. But over the past 21 years, I’ve developed quite a list of tips and tricks to emphasize the natural ginger look.

brown mascara

My eyelashes are completely blonde. Naturally, without mascara on, you’d never even be able to notice my eyelashes. For as long as I can remember, I used black mascara and just moved on. Sure, it wasn’t the natural look, but it was easy and accessible. Something that I have noticed helps to make a much more natural look is to use brown mascara. It may be harder to find, but against my paler skin, it makes a world of difference.

tinted moisturizer

Continuing this theme of makeup, since I was naturally given freckles, my thought is, why hide them? Rather than using a foundation, I always opt for concealer where needed and a tinted moisturizer. I still get the coverage I’m looking for, but it leaves room for the freckles to peek through!


I used to wear almost exclusively blue, gray, and black because I held the belief that nothing else “matched” my hair, and boy was I wrong! Knowing the colors that compliment your features is such a key to fashion. Over time, I’ve found that there are so many colors that work with red hair; you just have to find the right shades.

Wearing darker tones compliments the pale complexion perfectly. Being washed out is a continuous issue for people with paler skin tones, but jewel tones such as emeralds or dark blues always make me stand out for the right reasons.

If the idea of color theory and finding the right colors for your complexion interests you, there’s so much information about it online! ColorWise.me is a great, free website that’ll help you find out what color palette best suits your natural features. Most redheads tend to work best with an Autumn color palette. The website is a unique resource for anyone to use that can give you insight into what may work best for you!

gold jewelry

Gold jewelry is always the answer. The gold compliments red hair incredibly well, and I’ve always noticed that silver tends to wash me out. Most redheads have pink undertones in their skin, so these rich colors bring out a natural glow.

The most important advice to give regarding beauty and fashion is to wear what makes you feel most confident. At the end of the day, no one knows what makes you look and feel the best except for you. Take some advice, and leave some behind, at the end of the day, only you know what makes you glow!

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