December 4, 2023
  • Bobbi Brown recently posted a video on TikTok announcing that her favorite mascara is back in stock for the first time since January.
  • The Mascara by Jones Road Beauty (her own brand) has amassed a wait list of over 10,000 people since it’s been out of stock, and the video announcing its return has received over six million views.
  • “It creates a high level of lash definition with eyelash curl that I haven’t seen before,” Brown says. “It really does curl.”

Makeup artist and beauty industry mogul Bobbi Brown knows a thing or two about makeup. After all, she has founded not one, but two, successful makeup companies—Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and Jones Road Beauty—catapulting herself to superstar status in the beauty industry. Lately she’s been sharing her favorite beauty tips on TikTok and we’ve been taking copious notes. From makeup tips for women over 45, to tips for people with gray hair, and even tips for those with rosacea, Brown has answered some of our most burning beauty questions.

Brown’s latest video is one of her most popular to yet—it’s received over six million views—which is unsurprising considering she announced the return of The Mascara by Jones Road Beauty. The $26 mascara is one of the brand’s most coveted products and it has been out of stock since January of this year. In the six months that it was out of stock, the Jones Road mascara amassed a 10,000-person wait list.

In the video, Brown says that the mascara is “super super black,” which is the most important factor when looking for a mascara that will really make your eyes pop. The applicator brush is rounded, so you can get right under your lashes and get full coverage in one fell swoop. The applicator comes to a point at the end, which you can use to get full coverage on those little baby lashes in the inner corner and the outside of your eye. Brown says in another video that the full-coverage application paired with the inky black pigment gives the effect of wearing false eyelashes.

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After applying using the method above, use your index finger to push your lashes upward, hold for just a moment, then release for a bright-eyed look. Brown wrote in the comments on the video that the mascara “creates a high level of lash definition with eyelash curl that I haven’t seen before,” without ever picking up an eyelash curler. “It really does curl,” she says.

She also loves that the formula is a buildable. “Even though I like natural makeup, I like to do three coats of this mascara,” she says. “It doesn’t flake, it doesn’t smear, and honestly it’s easy to take off at night. It is literally my favorite mascara ever and it is back!”