January 20, 2022

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Chanel’s new No.1 collection marks a new era for the brand

Gabrielle Chanel’s beloved camellia is as iconic as the woman herself. Motifs of her favourite flower, which she considered to be a lucky emblem, decorated her apartment and featured in her collections. Today, the white camellia remains synonymous with the fashion house, and is regularly referenced throughout fashion and beauty collections.

The flower – this time a distinctive red camellia – has inspired the launch of No.1 de Chanel, a new collection of nine products, which includes skincare, make-up and a fragrance mist.

The name is a nod to another icon: Chanel No.5, which was launched in 1921 – and a century on, we can safely predict No.1 will be one of the most exciting beauty moments of 2022 (despite it only being January).

Courtesy of Chanel

As beautiful as the flower is, it’s the camellia’s unique skin regenerative properties that really powers this collection. After a decade of research, Chanel scientists discovered that the red camellia japonica, has a unique molecule that combats ‘senescence’ in the skin, which is when skin cells stop functioning and go on to disrupt surrounding healthy cells, dulling the complexion and contributing to the ageing process.

Harnessing this skin-benefiting innovation, No.1 is the ultimate capsule collection with everything you could need for a fresh-faced glow. From the Red Camellia Revitalizing Serum and Cream to the alchemic Red Camellia Powder-to-Foam Cleanser and Eye Cream, each product works to brighten the complexion and protect it from ageing.

The Revitalizing Foundation infused with skincare benefits is also a must-have, weightlessly hydrating while creating a luminous complexion – it looks barely there and by that I mean that skin appears make-up-free.

chanel no1

Courtesy of Chanel

Finishing touches are found in the Red Camellia Revitalizing Lip and Cheek Balm – with the perfect dose of pigment to pack a punch – and the L’EauRouge Revitalizing Fragrance Mist, created by master perfumer Olivier Polge with a skincare base of refreshing camellia water.

chanel no1

Courtesy of Chanel

No.1 de Chanel has been carefully created with sustainability front of mind. Organic inks have been introduced, wrapping and paper leaflets removed and plastic reduced with the use of recycled glass in 80 percent of the collection, while the formulas themselves are made from predominantly natural ingredients. Even the camellia seed shells were used to create the lids of the glass jars to prevent waste. It’s also the brand’s first foray into refillables with smart, petal-etched red refill pots of the Revitalizing Cream.

The collection is a thoroughly modern homage to Gabrielle Chanel’s timelessly chic camellia.

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