November 29, 2021

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Evolve, new med spa in Waterloo, offers regenerative and aesthetic treatments | Local News

WATERLOO — A new medical spa wants to be the go-to place not only for massage, facials and Botox, but for regenerative treatments like platelet-rich plasma that help some with joint pain, sexual dysfunction and hair restoration.

Evolve Aesthetics and Regenerative Medicine moved into its office at 220 W. Ridgeway Ave., Suite 106, in Waterloo, next door to Village Inn, in May.

Dr. Matthew Kettman, a physician in family practice since 1999, got into aesthetics around four years ago, opening a clinic with medical esthetician Tawnie Lavallee. Crystal Schrader was mentored by Kettman when she was studying to be an advance registered nurse practitioner, and got into aesthetics more than two years ago, renting a room in a salon.

“COVID got people started thinking about, ‘OK, what could be?’” Schrader said. “So we started talking, and we decided to make it even bigger and better.”

Kettman and Schrader began Evolve and have a team of seven employees — including Lavallee, who followed Kettman to the new practice. Though others in the area offer many of the same treatments, Evolve might be the first to bring those treatments together under one roof.

“What really sets us apart from just another med spa is the regenerative side,” Schrader said. “We actually have technologies to use your body’s healing capabilities.”

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They have been building their business, which includes more than 50 treatment options, through word-of-mouth.

“Everyone has their different strengths and fortes,” Schrader said. “He had an amazing group of core patients, I had an amazing group of core patients. When you bring them along and they’re telling their friends and family, we keep growing.”

Licensed massage therapist Kelly Sallay handles massage therapies like deep tissue and Swedish massage, while esthetician Sydney Keninger does facials, peels, body waxing and the popular Hydrafacial.

“It’s basically like a microderm on steroids,” Keninger said of Hydrafacial, while Schrader noted the price point made it “a nice way to tiptoe into everything.”

Registered nurse Denise Oglesby handles body contouring and Inmode, while Lavallee and Maryjane Cose, a nurse practitioner, oversee their women’s health division to address sexual dysfunction, urinary incontinence and more. Kettman helps with men’s sexual health issues.

“The individuals that benefit from the services from Maryjane and Tawnie … they’ve done everything else and kind of been told, ‘There’s nothing else we can do,’” Schrader said. “So we love to greet those women with open arms.”

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Lavallee also handles Botox, Morpheus microneedling, Halo resurfacing and Forever Young laser treatments, which she notes are “right now, really equally popular” treatments.

It’s a mix of treatments that works well together, especially when patients use them in combination, Schrader said.

One patient had been bitten on the face by a dog, leaving scarring, and the team used both Morpheus treatments and platelet-rich plasma to heal it. Another patient had a lumpectomy from breast cancer and had three treatments at Evolve.

“She came in, in tears, a couple of weeks ago and was like, ‘I bought a swimsuit and I didn’t have to worry about my prosthetic implant” showing, Schrader recalled. “That’s the kind of stuff we live for.”

But the less-dramatic stories — patients finding relief from chronic joint pain or eliminating dark spots on the face — also are gratifying for Schrader.

“We’re using all these good things to help repair the body, and we do all the great stuff, too, that just makes people feel better about themselves,” Schrader said.