September 21, 2023

Muslim women influencers on TikTok have begun addressing how their physical appearance, specifically their use of makeup, directly affects their relationship with Allah (SWT). 

The use of cosmetics is meant to beautify a woman. But, when using makeup to gain followers and attraction becomes the primary purpose, it creates self-doubt. It even forces women to question their self-worth on social media platforms.

Why are Muslim women on social media platforms like TikTok denouncing their use of makeup?

It all started in January 2023, when TikTok influencer Batul Bazzi (@batulbazzi) and other Muslim creators removed music from their feeds and reevaluated their online content. 

In the video, the influencer and business owner admitted that she had a difficult journey with faith and recognized her huge responsibility when interacting with her audience online.

“Almost all of them [the videos] had music in the background, and I don’t think we recognize how scary of a commitment that is,” Bazzi said in her video, which has since been deleted.

Nesreen, a 28-year-old TikTok influencer, announced that she would stop creating content in which she was wearing makeup consciously to please Allah (SWT).  

“For me, the best decision was to remove my posts with makeup, both on TikTok and Instagram and to no longer post with makeup,” Nesreen said in an interview. 

After taking a brief hiatus from the app, she began to reevaluate what she left on the internet, her intention for her social media and what ‘influence’ she wanted to have. She confessed that her primary reason for wearing makeup was to create relatable content.

Soon, she began embracing her bare face and her freedom with it. It became seamless to perform tasks such as reapplying sunscreen, scratching or touching her face or doing wudu whenever she wanted.

She commented on the current beauty standards and how it influences Muslim women. 

“You will never satisfy the creation, and I think everyone has to find their way towards what is pleasing to Allah (SWT) because only Allah (SWT) sees what you are struggling with and the efforts you make,” Nesreen said. 

It’s Time that Muslim Women Redefine Beauty Standards for the Greater Good

The journey has not been an easy one. TikTok creator Bellekiss (@bellekiss) recognized that her financial situation allowed her to invest in skincare or makeup while growing up. She took the position in stride, learned about Korean skincare, and pivoted away from makeup.

“When you think about it, we only show our faces,” Bellekiss said. “Our face and our fashion are the only canvases we get to express ourselves,” she said while referencing hijabi Muslims.

She struggled with finding confidence, especially on special occasions like weddings and Eid. But she often forced herself to go without foundation and concealer, considering that people would still respect and honour her without it.

It is natural to feel left out, she noted. Many Muslim content creators participate in makeup trends and find ways to beautify themselves to fit in.

“It is natural for women to want to feel beautiful,” she said. But that is why it is a great reward if we can sacrifice that desire to please Allah (SWT) and find comfort in how we look naturally.”

Recognizing natural beauty was the number one goal Hudaleena (@hudaleena), a 28-year-old TikToker, had when she joined social media. She wanted to show Muslim girls who do not wear makeup that they can create great content while embracing their decisions. 

But despite her powerful defiance against it, she noted moments where societal pressures often made her struggle. 

“We live in a world where Islamic rulings are rarely ever practised, and when you make the difficult decision of practising your religion correctly (to the best of your ability), you are looked down upon,” Hudaleena said. “It is a daily struggle, but SubhhanAllah, with patience, tawakul (faith) and dua (supplication), Allah (SWT) truly makes the journey easier and remembering the reward of the hereafter makes every tear and struggle worth it.”

We take immense joy in witnessing Muslim women influencers challenge conventional beauty norms by saying no to makeup. Our admiration extends to the artistry of a complete makeup look, yet we wholeheartedly appreciate and celebrate the natural complexion!