December 3, 2021

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Fashion, The needs of women

Internationally themed bazaar on Sunday in Rancho Bernardo to help women at risk

Get a jump start on your holiday shopping while helping women at risk and survivors of abuse during a new internationally themed fundraiser on Sunday in Rancho Bernardo.

The RB-based nonprofit organization Ahaana is holding its “International Bazaar & Expo” from noon to 4 p.m. on Nov. 14 at the Ed Brown Center for Active Adults, 18402 W. Bernardo Drive in Rancho Bernardo Community Park.

Items for sale include jewelry, clothing, arts and crafts plus health and beauty items.

Entertainment will include dance performances starting at 1 p.m. Dance styles to be presented are Balinese, Bollywood, Filipino, Kathak, Mexican and Samba. Bingo games and prizes will be available starting at 2 p.m.

Rancho Bernardo resident Nanda Mehta, Ahaana’s founder and managing director, said there will be a “pop-up shop” showcasing saris and more. A sari (also spelled saree) is a garment worn by many women from countries such as India, Pakistan and other parts of South Asia.

Mehta said the pop-up shop’s theme is “Reimagine, Refabricate and Recreate.” There will be many donated “fabulous, colorful saris” — each consisting of six yards of fabric that are gently used and available for purchase. In addition, the fabric from other saris have been recreated into sarongs, easy-to-wear skirts and swimwear wraps. Sample designs will be available for those wanting to make garments. Referrals to tailors and fashion designers will also be available to help with designs and alterations.

She said Ahaana is focused on women’s empowerment and helping women at risk by working with international nonprofit organizations. One of the ways it does this is by collecting very gently used saris. The ones in very good condition are resold in the pop-up shop. If they have a mild stain or tear, the saris are sent to widows in India who turn the usable portions of the fabric into other items, such as scarves and bags, Mehta said. She then buys the new items from the widows and sells them as a fundraiser.

She said anyone with saris to donate may bring them to the event.

“Let’s all strive to make a difference in our world by focusing on local communities, to make the most substantial impact; to foster these important social connections positively — the huge dividends being love, care and a kinder world,” Mehta said.

According to Ahaana’s website, the organization’s mission is to “create a community of awareness and acceptance, cultivate cultural network through art and theater, support women-at-risk and survivors of abuse (and) expand business and social networking.”

Its other events have included festivals, men’s platform and virtual awareness events coordinated with the San Diego District Attorney’s Office. Topics for the latter include drug use prevention and addiction, elder abuse and hate crimes. The free three-part monthly awareness series will conclude on Dec. 1 with a hate crimes presentation by Deputy District Attorney Leonard Trinh. For the link, register at

For more information on Ahaana and its activities, go to