December 5, 2022

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Jerusamela singer Nomcebo Zikode officially launches a perfume and a fashion line

Nomcebo Zikode is launching a perfume and fashion line.

She’s gone global and what better way to capitalise on that than launching a fashion and perfume range?

Even though she’s had what could be described as a year that’s both good and bad, she’s finishing it on a high.

On the one hand, she’s performed her hit songs all over the world, while on the other, she had to fight for what was due to her after the song went viral.

Jerusalem hitmaker Nomcebo Zikode isn’t dwelling on all that though. She’s launching her fashion and perfume range with one of the biggest retail stores in Mzansi, Jet Stores.

Going into business is a message for every child from the township that was ever made to believe that their dreams are not valid, she says.

Her perfume line and a body spray called Duchess by Nomcebo Zikode is an affordable perfume with an expensive scent and her fashion range, like her music, is inspirational she says.

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Speaking to Drum, the singer says she had a beautiful year and if she would give the year a scent it would smell like her Royal Gold scent, one of the three scents from Duchess. It is a sweet scent that is not too much.

Nomcebo says she is happy to finally have a perfume and fashion line because it is a form of investment. She’s been wanting to go into business, and looks up to artists like DJ Zinhle and Metro FM’s legendary DJ Oskido who have other businesses outside the music business.

“When you are a musician and starting businesses or projects outside of your music, it is always best for you to do something that resonates with you. I’ve always had a thing for smelling good because I believe that as a person you don’t have to smell like your problems.”

Nomcebo Zikode

She says she’s always loved smelling good during and after performances

Nomcebo, who was raised by her single unemployed mother after her dad passed away, says she didn’t have the money to buy expensive perfumes when growing up but always knew how to pick an affordable perfume that smells expensive. She says even now when she buys a perfume, she always requests a scent that announces that she has arrived.

“My perfumes are affordable yet they have that scent that tells people that you are here. I am one of those people who loves subtle scent that turns heads when you enter the room because it also boosts your confidences,” she says.

All three scents from Duchess where intentionally chosen by Nomcebo to suit her line of work. As a busy singer and entrepreneur she lives on the road and meet a lot of people so she has to maintain her freshness. The three scents from Duchess are Glamazon, Radiance and Royal Gold.

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“These scents can be worn the whole day, and I am very precise when it comes to them because I am a performer and my day can be busy. I know that I can use the scents to always smell fresh because I meet people and take pictures with my supporters and have performance in between. I hope my supporters will welcome Duchess and know that it is meant to motivate them to stand tall and occupy spaces like I did,” she says.

She says Jet Store is a perfect store because it is accessible to everyone and it is not expensive but people can get good quality in an affordable prize.

Duchess by Nomcebo Zikode and her fashion line are available at Jet stores nationwide.