November 30, 2022

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Massage-Escape Offers A Professional Massage Experience

Massage-Escape is a massage spa founded by Mindy Chen with more than 1,894 hours of professional massage experience. She founded the massage spa to make real top-level massages affordable and easily accessible by anybody in Ohio. The massage spa does appointments and takes walk-in customers, and are always open seven days a week. They only charge $60 for a full hour of massage, which is not the 50 minute hours some spas do. All the therapists that the massage spa employs are personally tested by the founder, and they all possess a threshold of 1,000 hours of professional massage experience.

Answering a query, the company spokesperson stated, “It is important to note that hot stone massage usually allows heat to be delivered into the muscles and deep tissue to unlock any tangled fibers. It is a nice relaxing way for one to loosen their muscle and enjoy the benefits of massage. Though most people enjoy this massage, there are indeed several things they can do to get an even better experience.”

In need of a hot stone massage? Massage-Escape is home to the best massages in Ohio, including hot stone massage. They have well-trained and experienced masseuses who undertake this type of massage. They are certified experts who know how well to apply the hot stone massage to ensure that it helps in loosening clients’ muscles for a better and more relaxing experience. Mostly, they apply the hot stones on clients’ hands, feet, face, stomach, back, and face so that clients may be able to experience this type of massage benefits. Typically, the stones that the massage spa’s therapist use for this type of massage are usually made of basalt, a type of volcanic rock that retains heat. The stones are smooth and flat.

The company spokesperson added, “This includes choosing a reputed spa like us, talking to the therapist, and communicating about how one feels about the massage. Also, one should consider finding out whether one is the right candidate for the massage. For more insight, clients can contact us.”

Wondering how the therapist at Massage-Escape performs the hot stone massages? Typically, the therapist at the massage spa keeps the stones in hot water at skin-friendly temperatures, which are usually around 120 to 145 degrees Celsius depending on which area of the body the stones will be placed. Afterward, they rub the smooth rock around a client’s body, with more focus on problem areas, using smooth Swedish-style strokes. Sometimes, the therapist at the massage spa can set the stones at strategic points to loosen the underlying muscles. By undertaking the hot stone massage with the massage spa’s therapist, clients will also get to receive many various benefits of the massage other than deep relaxation. They include reduced stress and anxiety, decreased cancer symptoms, increased joint flexibility, and more. So, visit the massage spa today to experience the various benefits of the hot stone massage.

About Massage-Escape

Massage-Escape is a top massage spa in Ohio that provides exceptionally professional massages in a way that makes clients escape stress and pain while feeling pampered. Those inquiring about pre natal massage can contact the massage spa.

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5949 E Main St,

Columbus, OH 43213, USA

Telephone: 614-868-3336


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Company Name: Massage-Escape Columbus
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Phone: 614-868-3336
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