December 5, 2022

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Meet Louise from Studio 101 Medi Spa

Meet Louise.

Louise is the owner of Studio 101 Medi Spa here in Cornwall. I’ve known Louise for years. I’ve met her at a business casual, where she rescued me from hair hell. She’s the magician behind my gorgeous signature copper hair. She’s also a fantastic community ambassador and always can be found lending a hand to great causes such as Pride and the United Way. I am proud to call her a friend.

One day, during a hair appointment, I asked Louise if she would be interested in advertising with us. While brainstorming, she came up with a wonderful idea; a series of articles featuring all the services offered at Studio 101, showing my progression as I get the services. After all, is there a greater testimonial than first hand experience?

Over the next months, I will become Louise and her staff’s head-to-toe makeover project and will take you along with me! You will witness my transformation and I will explain every service that I’m undertaking.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!


One of the things that bugs me is my skin. I’ve always had problem skin with some blackheads and larger pores and until now, makeup has done a fine job at hiding it all. But lately, with age, some brown spots have started appearing. One such spot was on my chest and since I usually wear low cut tops, it bugged me.

“What you have is a sun spot. It comes from sun damage,” Louise informed me. “Most women after the age of 40 will have some sun damage on the face or what you call the “décolté”. The neck and cleavage area are the areas where we find most sun spots. We have other technology that we can use to raise them up, but when they’ve been there a while they can be quite deep, so this machine is more efficient. We always do what’s best for our customer, not what’s going to bring in more money. ”

Brown spots may require a few treatments before disappearing, but those that are treated will stay away, as long as you don’t expose them unnecessarily to the sun, without sunscreen. If you get sun spots treated and you keep going in the sun, they will come back as the sun brings the pigments back up. “If you have a lot of sun spots, that’s a sign that you have old sun damage and are at a higher risk for cancer, so keep an eye on any skin changes, wear your sunscreen and don’t forget your chest!” continued Louise.

“And when you choose a sunscreen,” said Connie, my laser technician, “go with a children’s one. It has less chemicals, it’s stronger and waterproof.”

Before the procedure, Connie froze the area with a gel to help with any pain I could potentially experience. After 10 minutes, she started going over the brown spot with a needle-like rod. It wasn’t painful at all. I’ve had tattoos done and this is a cake walk when compared.

“You may need a second round. It may bubble, or crust over at first. but then it will fall off and be gone,” said Connie. She gave me an exfoliating glove. “Go over the area with this. You can be a little rough with it, but don’t pick. We don’t what you to get an infection or scar.”

I can’t wait till next month to show everybody the difference.

Next, I went for…


Also known as “fat freezing”, this is a non-invasive procedure that involves the cooling of body fat to break down fat cells.

One of the areas of my body that really, really bothers me the most is my chin. Louise continued: “We’ve all gained 20 pounds during the pandemic, and cool shaping is a way to help. We freeze the fat cells and over the next few months, these fat cells will die and your body will eliminate them by peeing them out. Your urine may be darker or smell different. That shows it worked.”

I lied down in the room and Louise pulled a warm blanket over me. I have to say that everything at Louise’s studio is designed to make your feel welcome, peaceful and at ease. The chair was heated up, which may seem like a small detail, but it makes a difference when you’re literally being frozen!

She placed a wet towel on my neck and positioned the machine. It started. I heard a swoosh. “It may feel weird. You will feel your tongue being pulled down.” The machine was “sucking” on my neck but It was painless and lasted about 20 minutes.

Although the treatment takes a few months to show maximum results, I saw a difference right away and posted a picture here for you to see. You can clearly see that you can distinguish my neck from my chin on the after picture, while on the before one, there is not telling where my chin ends and my neck begins.

After going over the area with the “cryo”, Louise uses Cavi RF, another technology that is semi-permanent and uses radio frequency, to contour, tighten and refine deeper lines of the skin over the face and body, and that’s what I’ll be doing next time. Next month, we’ll be talking about skin tags removal, facials and laser hair removal , plus I’ll post before and after pictures of my neck treatments. Stay tuned! We’re working our way down. I’ll be a completely new women when they’re done with me!

Studio 101 Medi Spa is located at 127 Augustus Street, Cornwall – 613-938-1319