January 18, 2022

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‘More confident’: 70-year-old woman shares youthful look after cosmetic treatment

Irene Currie had never undergone a cosmetic procedure until a horrible accident on holiday left her without her two front crowns. She told Express.co.uk how her having dental implants led to a newfound self confidence.

Whilst on holiday in Madeira, then 67-year-old Irene had a fall, knocking her two front crowns out.

She stated: “The only options were to have the remaining part of the teeth removed and either have dentures or implants. There was no way I wanted dentures and so I went down the road of looking at having implants.”

The dental treatment she received from Mr. Stephen Garner and Doctor Yousrah Ahmed could “only be described as the best”, and its painless, hassle-free nature encouraged her to delve into more cosmetic options.

“After having the implants fitted I made a comment about how good they looked and it was a pity that I had various lines around my mouth and deep lines between my eyebrows.”

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Putting her trust in Doctor Ahmed, Irene took the plunge and had her first cosmetic procedure.

To date, she has had Botox injections around her eyes and in my forehead and filler around her mouth – “but not in my lips”.

Her goal was always to appear youthful, to “reduce the lines between my eyebrows” as opposed to completely altering her looks.

However, she was careful not to go overboard, and knows that surgery can be a very slippery slope.


She made a very clear distinction, going after a look that made others say: “She looks well for her age”, rather than “she must have had work done”.

She continued: “I really don’t like the look of lip fillers. It is the one thing that shouts, ‘I have had work done,’ and mostly they look horrendous as people seem to go over the top with the filler.”

For Irene, the key was to accentuate her natural beauty.

For younger women who are considering surgery, Irene recommended that they make sure they do it “for themselves and not other people”.

Having spent £2,000 (so far) on procedures, with hopes to have the same again to maintain her youthful look, she urged others to note that “once you start you don’t stop, and it costs money to keep the procedures up”.

For older women who do not like the thought of looking older, Irene said “go for it”.

Of course, only after conducting thorough research into your chosen clinician.

She added: “Make sure that they are qualified and know what they are doing and not just someone who thinks it is just sticking a needle into your face and that is it.