June 1, 2023

A Perfume Shop employee has revealed what your favourite fragrance says about you – from scents that are overrated and make you ‘pretentious’ to ones that are ‘cool’

Your favourite scent could be hiding secrets about your personality (stock photo)

If you wear perfume or cologne regularly, you probably have a go-to scent that you just keep buying every time you need to replace your stock.

But did you know that your favourite fragrance might be telling people something about your personality?

According to employees at The Perfume Shop, Brits that favour certain scents often fall into the same categories, with similar types of people making a beeline for the same branded bottle over and over again.

So what does your favourite say about you?

In a video on TikTok, The Perfume Shop’s Nottingham branch shared a list of their most popular perfumes and gave a brief description of the type of person that most commonly picks each one up.

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For example, if you usually find yourself drawn to Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, then The Perfume Shop – which posted the video on their @tpsclumberstreet account – thinks you’re going for “the safest option”.

They said: “Maybe a little bit overrated, but it’s still a good one.”

The popular perfume Alien by Mugler was branded as the scent that people won’t shut up about, as the commentary told lovers of this fragrance: ”Alright, we get it – you like this one!”

Next up was the bright pink teddy bear bottle that houses Moschino Toy 2, which smells like bubblegum and dries down to the aroma of roses.

The employees noted: ”This might not be everyone’s favourite. But it’s yours – and you’re totally chill about it.”

Very Good Girl by Carolina Herrera was deemed to be the scent for those with a high sex drive, while Eternity for Women by Calvin Klein was branded as a classic that’s most loved by the older people among us.

”You’re into the classics,” the video noted, “You’re old. You’re really old.”

But if Versace Eros is your cup of tea, the Perfume Shop employees have bad news – as it apparently means you’re pretentious.

They said: ”You are one pretentious hipster.”

There were also less than positive things said about Lacoste Red, which was deemed as a “phase” that people will “grow out of when you grow up”, while employees claimed that Hugo Boss Bottled is a scent for those who “will never grow up”.

However, if you’re a fan of Bad Boy by Carolina Herrera, it means you’re “cool” and the employees of The Perfume Shop “like you” – although they’ll want to “be friends” for life if you pick up a bottle of Gentleman by Givenchy.

Toward the end of the video, employees listed the perfume that never seems to be anyone’s favourite, as they outed Aramis as one of the least loved perfumes they sell.

They said: “If you chose this one, you’re a liar. This one is no one’s favourite.”

But on the opposite end of the scale, if your go-to scent is Libre by Yves Saint Laurent, then The Perfume Shop thinks you’ve made the right decision.

“If you chose this one,” the video concluded, “you are correct. This is the best one.”

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