May 26, 2024

The month of August has bid us adieu and September has arrived to seize the limelight with the onset of fall. September, in pop culture, has also grown in popularity for marking the beginning of the ‘spooky season’, perfectly aligning with the seasonal shift and the ‘vibe’. As the leaves turn brown and auburn, it’s time to welcome the pre-fall collection and indulge in the rich hues of the season by livening your wardrobe up and taking a fresh spin at the top trends for all things ‘fall’. But don’t forget – summer is still lurking so it’s best advice to create a capsule wardrobe where you can transform in and out of the seasonal changes.

As the warmth of summer gradually gives way to the crispness of autumn, the fashion world is abuzz with the latest pre-fall trends for 2023.(Instagram)

One thing that’s going to be a constant for both seasons are effortless looks and silhouettes that compliment one’s style and personality. So, guess what – the chance to flaunt those stunning dresses is here to stay for a while longer, to keep the fashion vibes going! Before you propel yourself into hats, knee boots and scarves, let’s look into pre-fall pieces which will look just as good now with flats and raffia bags and later with preppy footwear, tailored blazers and light jackets. (Also read: Coastal granddaughter aesthetic is making waves in the fashion world: Here’s how you can rock this Gen Z style trend )

Pre-fall fashion trends for 2023

Deepika Bhardwaj, Fashion Expert and Design Head of Latin Quarters in an interview with HT Lifestyle pens down some new pre-fall fashion trends for the 2023 season, creating a perfect blend of styles for late summer and early autumn.

1. Layering is the key for the season

Metallic Jackets or any kind of crop jacket are one of the first pieces one should consider when evaluating for timeless pieces that blend into pre-fall looks. An added layer with a jacket can be paired with just about anything—dresses, skirts, jeans, you name it! Fall always comes with the opportunity to add a metallic piece or two into any normal warmer weather rotation. Layer it over a turtleneck sweater for a fashionable fall style, allowing the metallic fabric to peek through for a bit of shine. Don’t stop at the jacket; extend the metallic theme by sporting a set of hefty metallic earrings or a few metallic bracelets. Metallic shoes or a metallic purse also make wonderful going-out accessories to create an eye-catching look.

2. Rich hues for the perfect fall vibe

If you’re feeling a little low or out of your usual spunk this season, then switch it up by adding some deep colours into your wardrobe. Lacey maxi dresses are a great way to curate an evening look for fall. Its deep hue and intricate lace detailing make it a versatile choice for both late summer and early autumn. Picture yourself in a breezy day ensemble, flawlessly pairing it with chic sandals for a touch of bohemian flair or layering it with ankle boots and tailored blazers as the weather cools, and this dress is sure to become a staple in your transitional fashion lineup.

3. Keep it edgy yet classy

If summer was all about denim, fall is all about leather. When there’s a cool breeze in the air, a casual throw-on is enough to make you feel stylish. Leather-on-leather is also super chic this season, so feel free to wear a leather jacket with a leather mini or maxi skirt without feeling too over-the-top. Whether you are going for a laid-back vibe or an elegant look, leather jacket are the key to achieving both. You can also throw it over a simple tee and baggy jeans or elegantly draped over a dress and fold over boots to add a touch of class to any ensemble that’s perfect for any occasion.

4. Add some colour and spunk with a Satchel

Prepare to be in your new ‘bag era’ this fall with the Satchel. These unique leather design bags add an artistic flair to your look, making it a standout piece for the season. Consider styling this piece with a cosy sweater dress in soothing neutral tones, like elegant beige or creamy grey for a chic look. As the weather cools, layer up with a lightweight scarf or a tailored blazer. Finish this look with a long pair of boots (some stretch as far as the thigh) with bare legs for those warmer fall days.

As we look ahead to Fall 2023, these fashion trends are poised to make their way into one’s wardrobes, offering a harmonious blend of style, comfort, and creativity. So, get ready to embrace the upcoming season with open arms and a fashionable heart. Fall is on the horizon, and it’s bringing an array of trends that are sure to captivate your fashion senses.