December 4, 2023

MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – Dr. Rebecca Diaz wears a lot of hats, but each job she takes on has the common goal of helping others.

“If I can even have a day where one person’s life is better because of something I’ve done, that’s what makes me happy,” said Dr. Diaz.

Courtesy: Rebecca Diaz

First and foremost, Dr. Diaz is an emergency physician. She says this job allows her to help all different kinds of people in an endless number of ways.

“Whether I’m delivering babies that aren’t expected in the emergency department, all the way up to helping 100-year-olds, I get to have different types of medicine I get to practice and it’s real-world. If I’m not in the emergency room, I could be on the soccer field or on an airplane. If someone is having an emergency I have the skillet to where I can do my best to help them.”

When Dr. Diaz isn’t saving lives at the hospital, she works at Forever Young Medical Spa. There she performs cosmetic procedures to help boost people’s confidence.

“The spa lets me take my artistic side and use people’s face or body as my palette. I can look at them and really listen to what their concerns are and see what I can do to help them look, in a very natural way, more youthful to where they just wake up in the morning and they just feel better and more excited about life.”

While Dr. Diaz enjoys getting to put her medical training to different uses, she’s especially passionate about using her skills to help sexual assault victims. She’s currently a member of the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program at Medical Center Hospital.

“Anyone that’s a victim of sexual assault, we help them with their medical management. We see them when they’ve had their assault. We start that process to make sure they have that empowerment where they feel like they’re in charge of their body again. They’re no longer the victim.”

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program members

She’s currently working to raise money for a tattoo removal machine at Forever Young Medical Spa so sex trafficking victims have a way to remove their tattoos.

“Their pimps have basically put tattoos on them and when they look in the mirror they see that tattoo and think ‘I’m only worth money, I’m not a human being, I’m not worth anything more than that.’ I want to work with the sex traffic victims that have gotten out to be able to remove their tattoos so that’s not a constant reminder to them for the rest of their lives.”

As if Dr. Diaz isn’t busy enough… She’s a wife, mother, and pilot on top of it all. When she’s not working she spends time flying and traveling the world with her family.

Courtesy: Rebecca Diaz

“We just want our kids to know that life is full. Life has so many options and ways that you can go and as long as you try your hardest you’ll go places.” 

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