July 2, 2022

Customers were fighting for the life of the elderly woman who had fallen from the fourth floor of the Mammut 2 shopping centre last Wednesday.

“I will never be able to forget that terrible sound. It was like two cars going 120 km/h colliding head-on without pushing the breaks,” said one witness who, along with others, fought for the elderly woman’s life. The Hungarian man, who works as a paramedic in Germany, and his wife were standing at the escalator on the first floor when they saw the woman falling.

The tragic incident happened in the second district of Budapest, in Mammut 2 shopping mall last Wednesday. Although it is not known yet whether it was a suicide or an accident, according to the couple’s information,

the woman pushed the flower box to the railing, stood on it, stepped over the safety barrier and jumped off.

As the Hungarian news portal Blikk reports, the safety barrier was even higher than the one required. The Hungarian couple, along with several customers, immediately rushed to the aid of the elderly lady. Norbert, the paramedic, started to make chest compressions, supported by a young medical student and three female customers. Security rushed up to the medical centre of the store to bring equipment, a breathing balloon and a defibrillator.

Although the old woman’s pulse was still palpable for a few seconds after the fall, her life could not be saved.

The paramedics tried to bring the elderly woman back to life for another 45 minutes, but unfortunately without success.

The tragic incident shocked witnesses, including the Hungarian paramedic and his wife. The couple was going to the cinema with their children at the time of the tragedy, and it was only by luck that the little ones did not see the scene as they were left in the playhouse.

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The Hungarian man, who tried to save the victim’s life, said that the tragedy was shocking. The victim looked like a well-groomed lady, she even wore jewellery. “When I close my eyes, I can still see the helpless lady who once had a very beautiful life that we might never know why ended so badly.”

This was not the first tragic event in Mammut 2. In October 2020, a man also fell from the floor of the shopping centre. The young man, aged 25, was taken to hospital in a life-threatening condition after witnesses said he had jumped off by himself – reported the Hungarian news portal Telex.

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Source: blikk.hu, telex.hu