January 18, 2022

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Sports Wear Hijab

Wearing the hijab is not a limit for you to keep moving. Whether it’s when doing daily activities, pursuing hobbies, even sports, the right hijab clothes can support whatever your steps are. But, it’s not uncommon to feel stifling when moving to be something that interferes with comfort, especially during sports that are prone to making the body sweat.

To stay comfortable wearing the hijab while exercising, pay attention to the following tips:

Use Loose Clothing and Hijab Models 

Must use closed sports clothes, this condition sometimes makes it easier to sweat and get hot easily. Don’t let this affect your sports spirit, choose sports clothes that are loose enough, such as training pants that make it easier for you to move.

Combine it with a loose t-shirt with long-sleeved cuffs that cover the body, a jacket, or a suit. Unisma Complete it with a simple cotton or stretchable hijab that doesn’t hinder your movement during exercise.

Choose Materials That Can Absorb Sweat 

For those who wear the hijab, exercise makes it easier for the body to sweat, especially when spending time outdoors. Avoid uncomfortable stifling heat with special sports clothing, which usually contains polypropylene fabrics. This material allows sweat to evaporate more quickly, thus preventing your body from getting wet.

Conversely, avoid wearing cotton clothes that absorb sweat, because it will make your body feel damp and hot. If left for a long time, your skin can experience irritation, itching, and prickly heat.

In order to be more enthusiastic about exercising, live it with a hijab style that is comfortable and still fashionable.