January 18, 2022

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The Best Massagers For An At-Home Spa Experience

It’s safe to say that time spent getting a massage at a world-class spa is one of the great pleasures of luxury travel. With all the goings-on of the last couple of years and life just happening in general, it might not be possible to plan a trip to a top-notch spa for the massage of your loved one’s dreams. However, giving them one of these luxurious massagers can delight them just as much.

These massagers are sure to help the giftee experience the pleasures of a great massage in the comfort of their own home. They also serve as a great introduction to massages, and these massagers can be enjoyed all throughout the year. They’re a long-lasting, high-end gift to inspire gratitude through 2022 and beyond.

NordicTrack is best known for their state-of-the-art treadmills and other fitness equipment, and their personal massager is the perfect companion before or after a workout. It has six interchangeable massage heads so you can get just the right massage to fit your needs and wants in the moment. On top of that, it also has three different speeds so you can have a massage that’s as intense as you’re prepared to experience. It has both a DC power adaptor and a battery that will last for 3.5 hours if you want to take it on the go. Shop Now: NordicTrack, $139

Here’s a truly effortless massager from Sharper Image. You can it on your favorite chair or even on a couch or loveseat. Relaxing on the chair pad with its heated massager can feel like you are in a spa under the expert care of a masseuse. It has Realtouch gel nodes that work like fingertips to provide the feeling of a “real” massage. The heat also helps get rid of tension in the shoulders, back, and lumbar region of the body. Shop Now: JC Penney, $149.99 at the time of publication

The Hypervolt 2 Pro is a massager that’s great for athletes. It helps the muscles warm up before a workout and aids in muscle recovery after exercise. This is the same massager used in Westin Hotels & Resorts in the massage recovery stations in their fitness studios. The Hypervolt 2 Pro utilizes percussion massage therapy to help you massage away tension and stress. It has five speeds, and it can be applied directly to where you need it most. Shop Now: Hypervolt, $329 at the time of publication

When you want to feel good from head to toe, you need to pay attention to the face first. This face roller that’s made of rose quartz can help improve the circulation in your face. That, in turn, can help the skin look better. The small facial massager can also soothe and cool the skin in addition to decreasing puffiness. You can also use it in a practical way to help smooth facial lotion into the skin. Shop Now: Jenny Patinkin, $38

OURA’s hydro glove is a massaging, exfoliating tool that can help soften the skin. Who wouldn’t enjoy skin that’s softer to the touch? This simple tool is powerful and hypoallergenic. It was also designed to be safe for everyday use without irritating the skin even as it provides exfoliation. It works with just water, but you may want to use an antibacterial body wash to thoroughly clean your skin. Shop Now: OURA, $52.50 at the time of publication

The Synca Wellness Kitta from Horizon Fitness is a versatile percussive massager. It has both six different massage heads and six different strength levels. It has massage heads to work well with every muscle imaginable. For example, you can use one massage head to massage the muscles in your feet whereas others work best for larger muscles. This massager is also small and only weighs three pounds, so it’s easy to take along on your travels. Shop Now: Horizon Fitness, $150

A healthy scalp is a part of your overall health and wellness, so it deserves your care like every other part of the body. This simple but effective massager is easy to use and offers gentle, thorough care. Its vegan bristles massage the scalp and help you relax. You can work shampoos, conditioners, or serums into your scalp with the hand-held massager, or you can use it on a dry scalp if you prefer. Shop Now: Vegamour, $18

When you think about it, the feet are really a wondrous part of the body, and they’re remarkably strong. No wonder sometimes feet get sore and need some serious TLC. This heated foot massager will provide warmth and relief. The roomy pockets for your feet will quickly heat up and soothe them. You can choose between the moderate setting that offers a gentle massage or the more intense setting that helps sore feet recover from their aches and pains. Shop Now: JC Penney, $44.99 at the time of publication

The Hydragun massage gun is remarkable for many reasons. For one, it’s extremely quiet. You can use it to give yourself an intense massage while watching television or listening to music. It also has seven different massage heads for customizable massage experience, and it has six different speed settings, too. You can use this as a tool to target sore muscle groups or plan a full-body massage with it. Shop Now: Hydragun, $299

The iPuffy lumbar massager was created to provide a highly effective muscle massage with its 3D massage head. The luxurious tool’s very design was also carefully crafted to fit the right contours and curves of the human body. It utilizes infrared heating to provide a thorough massage that stimulates circulation and soothes sore muscles. As a plus, the massager looks like a comfortable pillow so it will fit right into the décor of any room if you want to keep it within easy reach. Shop Now: Horizon Fitness, $130 at the time of publication