February 25, 2024

For grooms who are preparing to say “I do” in the fall, finding the right suit for the season should be at the top of your to-do list. In order to effectively check off this all-important task, Erika Cartledge, stylist and founder of Your Chic Is Showing, shares that grooms should make their primary focus finding a look that aligns with their personal style. “You know how they tell brides not to get a new haircut for their wedding day? Well, the same rings true for grooms,” says Cartledge. “Now isn’t the time to choose an entirely new persona. Decide what resonates with you—classic looks, an edgy twist—and then bring that into your wedding day attire.”

That said, keeping fall trends in mind is also a great way to stay aesthetically fresh when getting married between September through November. If you’re unsure of the “fashion rules” to follow during this exciting time period, we’re here to help. Ahead, we asked a few experts to break down the top fall fashion trends for grooms to know. Plus, we’re sharing a selection of shoppable options that are sure to keep you modern and stylish this fall season. 

Meet the Expert

  • Erika Cartledge is a personal stylist and style educator who runs the brand Your Chic Is Showing
  • Jason Jackson is the president of Generation Tux, an online rental company that offers an extensive catalog of quality suits and tuxes, in an array of sizes, styles, colors, and aesthetics.
  • Miguel Wilson is a fashion designer who specializes in making clothing for grooms and groomsmen.

Non-Black Suits

There’s always something to be said for a traditional black suit, but for fall, grooms should feel free to experiment with some color. “Grooms can embrace rich colors like navy, burgundy, and hunter and emerald green,” Cartledge shares. Jason Jackson, president of Generation Tux, also highlights that warm tan is a lovely hue to consider for fall men’s attire. “Neutral-colored suits provide a softer alternative to stark black or navy,” he says. They also allow grooms to embrace a “color trend,” without doing something that feels too outside of the box.

For those who are unsure of what color to choose for the big day, Miguel Wilson, celebrity fashion designer and stylist, recommends wearing a shade that complements your wedding hues without matching them completely. “The suit shouldn’t be exactly like the groomsmen because we want the groom to stand out,” he adds. 

Interesting Patterns and Textures

Playing around with different patterns and/or textures—like checkered prints, leafy designs, and corduroy textiles—is a great way for grooms to really stand out in the fall. “Mixing patterns and textures allows grooms to create a unique, multi-dimensional look,” notes Jackson. “It’s a bold move that shows an attention to detail and personal style.” Wilson agrees, adding that many men are incorporating sequins and velvet into their suits and tuxedos in addition to prints that pay homage to their culture and heritage. 

With all this in mind, we do understand that some grooms may be averse to leaning into this trend, particularly those with more pared-back aesthetics. If you’re a bit nervous about incorporating textured elements into your day-of look, Wilson further highlights that you can keep your fall ensemble subtle by opting for a suit with details confined to the jacket pockets, lapels, or sleeve cuffs—this is a good alternative if the idea of wearing a getup that’s fully decked out in a nontraditional or autumnal print doesn’t feel right for you. 

Formal Loafers

Shoes might seem like a small detail, but they can add a lot of dimension to an outfit. Specifically, formal loafers are perfect for the fall season and are a unique yet subtle addition to any day-of look. “We’re seeing men diversify the types of shoes that they wear to different occasions and I think that’s a good thing,” Wilson says. “If you get the right formal loafer, it can be the best shoe at the party and that’s the goal.” He also notes that velvet formal loafers are particularly popular, as well as options that come in rich seasonal hues like burgundy and navy. What’s more, Cartledge recommends using your shoes as a way to further accessorize your outfit, like opting for an embroidered monogram or rhinestones for sparkle. 

Multi-Colored Accessories

If you want to add something unique to your look without going overboard, wearing bright accessories—like shoes, jewelry, ties, cufflinks, and socks—is a trend that perfectly lends itself to the fall season. “Brighter, bold colors are in,” Jackson says. “Burnt orange and rust are the top picks, capturing the feel of fall.” Similarly, dark-toned accessories are something to keep in mind, specifically for grooms who don’t enjoy color. “Dark navy, hunter green, and merlot red are also trending, adding a stylish contrast to the suits,” adds Jackson. 

Shop the Trends

Ready to shop the above trends? Here are some of the best fall wedding suits for grooms that are at once trendy, elevated, and dapper.