December 4, 2023

Hailey Bieber has become an icon for beauty and fashion trends. Over the years, Hailey has created many trends, but some stand out more than others. Thanks to the rise of TikTok, people around the world are able to attempt and give their twist on beauty trends. More importantly, trends are able to go viral much faster, which can launch someone into super stardom overnight.

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Though already a huge name in the entertainment industry due to her Baldwin family status, modeling, and husband Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber does an excellent job staying relevant. She created a smoothie called the “glazed skin smoothie,” which was briefly sold at the grocery store Erehwon. Hailey’s hair color and style of waves is sought after by many young women. She also uses her social media to promote tutorials and trends, which is how many of her trends got started.

Hailey Bieber’s Glazed Donut Nails

Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nails were one of the first trends the model started. Hailey has never been into gatekeeping products or techniques, so when she started wearing this style on her nails all the time, she quickly shared the formula.

Nude nails have always been popular, but Hailey Bieber put a bit of a twist on the classic style.

Hailey starts with a lightly sparkly or sheet nude. She particularly enjoys the nail colors by OPI, such as Funny Bunny, and always gets gel so the polish lasts a long time. As a second coat, Hailey requests OPI’s Tin Man Can, which is a chrome powder. The combination creates her famous glazed nail donuts.

Hailey Bieber posing
Via: Instar Images

Once Hailey shared her nail secret, the trend blew up on social media. Everyone was showing off their glazed donut nails on Tik Tok and Instagram.

Finding early success as a trendsetter certainly helped solidify Hailey’s fame and influence. Being talked about so consistently online only helped Hailey’s celebrity status, and the more trends she creates, the more popular she becomes.

Hailey’s Slicked Back Bun

Hailey Bieber is certainly all-encompassing when it comes to beauty. She has created many trends for hair and hairstyles. Girls around the world are running to hair salons in order to achieve Hailey’s hair color.

Hailey has set two distinct hair trends, the first being her “go-to” look, which are effortless waves. Hailey is known for dawning a tousled look, and she revealed her secret on her YouTube channel with a tutorial.

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Instead of going in with a curling iron, Hailey chooses to use a straightener. She essentially crimps her hair in opposite directions in order to achieve the wavy look.

While this trend certainly went viral, Hailey’s slicked back bun was the true viral hairstyle.

Many have dubbed the look the “model off-duty bun.” The bun is very low at the base of the skull and completely gelled back. The style is great for dirty hair when a whole wash routine is too much effort.

There are many tutorials on social media of people showing variations of the slicked back bun. The trick is to use a gel or a hairspray to tame any fly-away hair.

Hailey’s Glazed Donut Skin

Hailey Bieber certainly loves everything glazed, and that is especially true when it comes to her skin and skincare routine.

After being passionate about skincare for a long time, Hailey launched her own skincare brand in June 2022 called Rhode. The brand currently only sells five products, all of which are focused on the key ingredient peptides.

Though the brand has had some controversies, it has been an overall success and has increased Hailey’s popularity as a trendsetter and influencer.

Hailey Bieber walking in tribeca 2023
via: Instar

In association with her brand’s products, Hailey created the trend of glazed donut skin. The trend not only promoted her brand, but it also caused the model to again rise in popularity.

The concept of glazed donut skin is very skin-forward. The basic goal is to make the skin as dewy as possible, starting with skincare. Hailey uses dewy serums and moisturizers, such as her very own Rhode products, and follows that up with a very dewy foundation. Minimal setting powder is used to accomplish this look.

Hailey’s goal is glow from within, and she would certainly rather use more skincare than makeup products to achieve this.

Hailey’s Brownie Glazed Lips

Though many of the previously listed trends created by Hailey Bieber do not involve makeup, Hailey has actually started several makeup trends. One of her more understated trends focused on eyebrows.

Though the fluffy brow or laminated brow was already popular, Hailey really launched the idea of a brushed up brow. The trend instantly blew up on social media, especially for those who want a natural but elegant makeup look.

In theme with Hailey’s glazed and dewy trends, the model started the brownie glazed lip trend. When she revealed her go-to look for fall, fans instantly fell in love with her choice of lip color and gloss.

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Hailey revealed that to achieve the brownie glazed lip, she actually does not use a lipstick of any type. Instead, Hailey reaches for a brown lip pencil and lines her lips. She then uses a high-shine gloss to blend in the color.

The lip look is quick, easy, and certainly is on theme for Hailey.

For someone making trends for makeup, Hailey definitely prefers to use less makeup products on her face.

Hailey Bieber Started The Clean Girl Trend

Hailey Bieber has started a lot of trends since her rise to fame. Her trends tend to be focused on one aspect of beauty. In other words, her trends focus on nails, or lips, or one other specific beauty part.

The “clean girl” look, however, is all encompassing. Though Hailey Bieber did not technically create the look, since the trend was started on TikTok, she was the inspiration behind it due to her preference of minimal makeup and the previous trends she had started.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber at MET Gala
via: Instar Images

The clean girl trend is truly a combination of several of Hailey’s trends from throughout the years. The look is skin-forward and very dewy, much like Hailey’s glazed donut skin trend. Brushed up brows are a key feature of the look, which is a staple for Hailey. Makeup is very minimal, which is Hailey’s favorite way to wear makeup as seen by her tutorials.

The look is finished off with dainty gold jewelry and Hailey’s classic slicked back bun.

Hailey is truly a trendsetter and influencer, and the more trends she creates, the more popular she gets.