August 13, 2022

BOCA RATON, Fla., Nov. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — TransMedia Group will raise media awareness and understanding of Emily Alexandra Cosmetics‘ beauty and cosmetic products that focus on empowering women through their beauty while promoting an eco-friendly alternative to mainstream cosmetics.

TransMedia said its PR program will highlight how beautifully Emily Alexandra Cosmetics crafts its collection with love, inspired by performance artists from Key West buskers to Cirque du Soleil. TransMedia plans to make widely known what inspired the creative evolution of Emily Alexandra Cosmetics line and how it has thrived in helping playful beauties share their love of wild color, sparkle and shimmer.

“Our publicity will show how Emily Alexandra Cosmetics has tapped the top insider insight from theatre makeup artists and seamlessly channeled it into a highly wearable, customizable line for mermaids to bring their fantasy forward into the world,” said TransMedia CEO Adrienne Mazzone. TransMedia will help enhance Emily Alexandra Cosmetics’ social media presence and promote them as a social media savvy brand, with bold pigments designed to pop in both still photography and video capture, she added.

“Making you feel beautiful and strong is what we aim to do here at Emily Alexandra Cosmetics, and we look to TransMedia to spread that message as they know best,” said Founder Emily Alexandra. “It has always been my dream to have a cosmetic line that supports the self-confidence of women everywhere.”

TransMedia will also present to media Emily herself as The American Mermaid and Founder of, as she strives to set new standards in clean water initiatives, safeguarding our marine habitat worldwide. A proud Florida-based company, is an ocean lover at its core. TransMedia will present‘s collection that’s not only ocean-safe, but ocean inspired!

TransMedia plans to arrange speaking opportunities, press interviews, TV appearances and conferences for the professionals at Emily Alexandra Cosmetics to share their creativity and marketing efforts to expand its cosmetics line. TransMedia will send out media pitches and news releases about Emily Alexandra Cosmetics’ mission to support the ecosystem.

“We will craft a media campaign for Emily Alexandra Cosmetics that will produce meaningful results,” said Mazzone, whose radio show “TransMedia Monday” on 1470 AM, 96.9, 95.3 FM, airs every Monday at 9:00AM EST.

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