May 26, 2024

By my passion for dancing, yes. It also takes inspiration from a ballet dancer at different moments… while rehearsing, on the underground, on stage. But I am also inspired by the British countryside. Every weekend, my husband and I go to our house in the countryside, and we stroll around the little antique shops and vintage boutiques. Sometimes, I stumble upon tablecloths that take me back to the times that I visited my grandparents, as they remind me of their house. There is a real sense of nostalgia there.

When you start working on a new collection, do you pin photos or souvenirs from your weekends to your mood board?

I share them with the team. I brought the tutus that I wore when I was 15, for example. I showed them so that they could study them up close and see how they were made.

Would you say that this process is more sentimental, or fun?

I love each stage of the creative process. I am very involved, whether it be beauty or fashion. Sometimes, I wonder if I should only do the design part, as that’s what I enjoy the most. My role is multi-faceted.

Victoria wears a Bottega Veneta top and pants, Gianvito Rossi shoes, a Hermès watch, and Boucheron jewelry.

Lachlan Bailey

Victoria Beckham wears a Prada look and Tiffany & Co jewelry.

Lachlan Bailey

You work surrounded by women

I have a very feminine team, and my two CEOs are women. I also collaborate with men. I just want the best. I have lots of male clients. Yesterday, I spotted men wearing my clothes outside. As for my perfumes, they are non-binary, and I am also very proud of that. Yesterday, my son Cruz was wearing head-to-toe Victoria Beckham. I design clothes for him too. Perfume is an extra chance to highlight this. These perfumes are genderless. They are created by an inclusive brand. I am also very inspired by masculine fashion. I wouldn’t say that we are a brand with a particularly strong feminine aesthetic. Men’s fashion exudes a power that inspires us, especially through tailoring. Take the shoes from the show – big boots with pointed toes that evoke country brogues that are typically masculine.

Have you already achieved everything you want to?

This is just the beginning. I have lots of ambitions, and I work hard to achieve my goals. I never wait for things to just fall into my lap. It’s such an exciting time. This year, we made a profit! This takes time, especially for an independent brand. My perfume isn’t a license – I own it. Now that I have laid down the groundwork for the house, the real work can begin. I want the house to develop, all while remaining authentic, whether that be fashion, beauty, perfumes… There are so many things I want to do.