June 13, 2024

Videoconferencing has contributed to heightened self-awareness in the virtual business ecosystem and shifted the focus away from dressed-to-impress business attire to a hyper-focus on the shoulders, neck, and facial features. Cynthia Elliot, MD, owner and primary practitioner of Skinspirations, understands the importance of a youthful and attractive appearance, not only to boost self-confidence but to succeed in the virtual business world.

CLEARWATER, Fla., Feb. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home became compulsory for those lucky enough to still have a job. Virtual meeting rooms were a lifeline for companies struggling to have a semblance of business as usual. Now that the world is easing back into a pre-pandemic lifestyle, the flexibility and ease of conducting business on a laptop or mobile phone are becoming preferable to in-person conferencing. While virtual meetings aren’t in-person per se, they are still face-to-face and can be more intimidating. Cynthia Elliot, MD, owner and primary practitioner of Skinspirations, says, “Now that videoconferencing has become the new normal, the game of how to succeed in business has changed. We have only the attributes of the face and upper body on which to base our assumptions about attractiveness and personality traits.”

The image of remote workers rolling out of bed and hopping onto their laptops wearing sweats and bunny slippers is not entirely inaccurate. One can still get away with the bunny slippers and sweatpants, but from the waist up, it’s all business. Once the virtual meeting is on, so is the spotlight, and it’s no longer possible to hide behind the distraction of a stylish wardrobe; the neck and shoulders are the new power suit. Unlike in-person meetings, with videoconferencing, people see their own faces as others see them, which can be both a shock and a wake-up call.

Models and actors have makeup artists and a lighting crew, while the average home office is dimly lit, and laptops don’t know the most flattering angle. Scientific research shows that people considered to have above-average beauty earn 10% to 15% higher salaries, while less attractive people are more likely to get fired.(1) One study concluded that inherently self-confident people are naturally more sociable and have enhanced oral communication skills, which could account for up to 60% of the ‘beauty premium.'(2)

Dr. Elliot observes, “A face that appears youthful and attractive is now more important than ever, especially when that may be the only part of a person that co-workers and new clients see during video conferences.” She adds, “It is, therefore, no surprise that there’s been a boom in the number of cosmetic procedures in the last couple of years as people are spending hours at a time, in some cases, seeing their own faces on screen.” These days a boost in self-confidence is easier to achieve, and aesthetic treatments are increasingly more common and much less invasive.

It’s all about body language and looking presentable. People are noticing the face and skin more on virtual calls, and cosmetic treatments can help put one’s best face forward. Eliminating undereye bags and circles or achieving that glowing skin and refreshed look can be an easy fix with injectable fillers to fill in undereye depressions and laser skin resurfacing. Non-invasive procedures account for 50% of the aesthetic medicine market share, with the U.S. market exceeding 40%.(3)

The aptly-titled ‘Zoom Boom’ in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures is facilitated by the promises of a speedy recovery, lack of scarring, low-risk/high reward, and relative affordability of many treatments. In several cases, results can be achieved in just an hour or less. At Skinspirations, increasingly popular treatments that are often part of ‘Executive Makeovers’ include: relaxing the muscles that cause frowning, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, etc.; non-surgical face sculpting using dermal fillers to augment the jaw, chin, lips, or cheeks; erasing wrinkles and sagging skin; laser treatments for brown spot and facial vein removal; chemical peels to remove dull, damaged, or rough skin; and double chin reduction or fat reduction on the body.

Skinspirations is a medical practice, not a spa; the team’s licensed estheticians are both knowledgeable and skilled and use tools and medical-grade products not offered through medspas. When used by trained hands, these tools are incredibly powerful.

Dr. Elliot affirms, “There’s a myth that most people seeking cosmetic medicine or laser treatments either want to look really different or unique in some way, and that couldn’t be further from what we have seen. Many who come to us are working men and women who just want to maintain a certain level of enhancement to their appearance and not trying to look much different than they are.”

About Dr. Cynthia Elliott and Skinspirations
Cynthia Elliott, M.D., is the owner and primary practitioner of Skinspirations, a cosmetic and regenerative medical practice that provides injectable and laser aesthetic treatments, professional skincare, body contouring, and regenerative treatments for aesthetic and musculoskeletal concerns. Located in Clearwater, Florida, Dr. Elliott is valued for her medical expertise and her training on the national level for the makers of Botox® Cosmetic and Juvéderm and internationally for Cutera Lasers. Her patients seek her expertise, knowing that she and her long-tenured staff have trained many professionals in the Tampa Bay area. Skinspirations has performed over 88,000 cosmetic medical treatments since 2005 and is known for the most effective aesthetic and regenerative medical treatments available, providing the quality results that other practitioners are still trying to learn. Dr. Elliott, whose medical training began in emergency medicine, currently serves as an expert witness in Cosmetic Medicine for the Florida Board of Medicine. For more information, visit http://www.skinspirations.com.

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