December 8, 2023

The Herald

Craig Twist Fashion Correspondent

Christmas is today, which means we are officially at the end of Christmas gifting but just in case you are a last minute or post Christmas shopper, this article is for you. At this point, we are all panicking about what present we are going to get for our loved ones, because besides Santa Claus, presents make the most of Christmas. Of course, we know the perfect present is worth the wait. So for those set on finding a just-right gift no matter when it arrives, we’ve pulled together a guide to the best Christmas gift for him and her.

For Him


Giving someone a perfume is a way of showing affection and care. It shows that you have put a thought into who the recipient is and what they might like. It’s also something that they will wear thinking of you. That is why giving someone a perfume is a sign of affection. As affectionate as they may be, perfumes cannot be picked randomly, pay attention to the man you are buying for.

For a classic man, usually traditional and confident and love classics, perfumes help him feel empowered and fresh, both at work and in his spare time. So go for an aromatic and refreshing scent with a truly masculine feel.

For the fashionable trend-setters who love to stand out in a crowd, get him something unique, vibrant that leaves a lasting impression. Choose an edgy perfume with woody notes and fruit or grass for an unforgettable scent.

For casual men, laid-back, relaxed with an appetite for adventure, who wear perfume to feel good and get a dose of stimulating energy every day, look for light perfumes with natural touch and clean scent?


A casoul is a bracelet with an engraved special message, what makes this more special is the fact that the message is written is a Morse language, a language only understood by the two of you.

Because men aren’t too flashy about their lives, he’ll appreciate the fact that as sweet or even naughty as the message may be, he is the only one who knows the message and can keep all his thoughts, weird or crazy but to himself. The bracelet should be wearable to all the occasions, so something made from leather, black or brownish with a simple design will be the best Christmas present.


Most at times, socks seem overrated because they are a go-to staple for everyone buying a man a gift. Well, socks are a versatile and they are a part of every man’s daily outfit. And believe me when I tell you this, just the same way it’s so easy to forget buying salt when getting groceries, it’s the same thing with socks for men, they are the most important piece but they are usually forgotten which usually causes trouble every morning.

Since we assume that he has few pairs of socks in his drawer, opt for something he hasn’t bought for himself and will probably never buy for himself-personalized socks. The goal for a gift is for it to be unique, special but useful. Getting him a pack of 5 socks with his name or favourite nick name will help him keep them together, clean and he’ll probably want to wear them often and that’s ok, because it’s a 5-pack so he’ll be covered for the whole week, and that way he won’t have to wear dirty socks.

For Her


Overtime, sweaters have been recognised as a symbol of love and affection. This Christmas, surprise your other half with a sweater, it could be an oversized hood or a warm and cozy fleece-like jumper that will keep her warm during all the winter days to come. That way, you also covering her for all the Netflix & Chill days, with you or her own, and trust me, every woman likes the feeling of being all warm and cozy in an oversized sweater that came from her lover.


Jewellery is every woman’s staple, and no matter how many jewellery boxes she has, one more necklace, bracelet, watch, anklet and earrings will always go a long way. Remember, the idea is to get her something she can make use of on a daily, thus keeping you close to her heart. Pick something of a nice and simple design, something she can wear to work, during her lunch with friends and or dinner with you. Unlike men, women love to show off to their friends, all the time she wants to be asked where she got the “favourite bracelet” from, and she is always ready to say “from my dad” or “from my husband,” those words are flattering for them and they are probably their favourite lines.

You can pick a set of watch, bracelet, necklace and earrings, or you can pick just one, that will be the best thing she got for Christmas.

Shoes & Bags

From my experience with women, there is not a single woman who is not obsessed with SHOES! A man can have 5 shoes and still live happily ever after, but a woman on the other hand can have a closet full of shoes and still want more.

So, yes go ahead and pick a pair of shoes for her, there is no doubt she will love them. With shoes however, you need to know her style and that’s very important because as much as they all love shoes, they have different styles and you DO NOT want to buy the wrong shoe.

Men can go a whole trip without a bag, but a woman can’t even make a bathroom trip without her bag, be it a purse, a clutch, or handbag-a bag is a necessity in a woman’s life. And yes, they are needed in all sizes.

Pick a leather bag, though you might want to avoid bright colours because then it’d mean they are occasional. Leather lasts longer and has that classic feel but if she is a fashionista and a trendsetter you can also opt for a hand-made straw or beaded hand bag, she will definitely love it for its uniqueness.

Getting the right gift shouldn’t be anxiety inducing, but it probably is. Hopefully, this will help ease your anxiety. . . and Merry Christmas for you and your loved ones.