February 25, 2024
The 20 Best Hoodies for Women, Tested By A Fashion Stylist And Fashion Editors

<p>Hoodies come in all shapes and sizes and shopping for the best ones directly relate to their purpose, so a blind buy is not the recipe to success. As a fashion editor and celebrity stylist, I know a thing or two about the best hoodies for every style occasion. From an oversized fleece-lined option for cozy comfort, to a boxy fit to accentuate the waist, or a thin yet soft material for the best type of layering—there’s several boxes to check off when shopping for a new hoodie. Ranging from sportier styles for your active needs to luxe fashion statements, the hoodies shared ahead run the gamut of purpose. We’ll cover crew neck styles, zip-ups, quarter crops, and more. Read on to discover the best hoodies and sweatshirts of 2023 for every style, purpose, and price point—perfect for your shopping cart through <a href=”https://www.womenshealthmag.com/life/g37511825/best-fall-sweaters/” target=”_blank”>fall sweater</a> season and beyond! </p>”/>

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