February 25, 2024


These days it feels like $100 doesn’t go as far as it used to. Dinner and drinks with a friend or a single trip to the grocery store has the potential to set me back. But, as someone who likes to shop consciously with a budget in mind, I’ve found that by knowing where to look, it’s still possible to find plenty of stylish pieces at an affordable price. Stores like Everlane, Madewell, and J.Crew are my bread and butter when I’m trying to spruce up my current clothing rotation in a budget-friendly way. 

While the weather outside is definitely screaming winter, every extra minute of sun in the evening has me looking ahead towards spring, and as such I already have a few new-season staples on the brain. I’m hoping to style some of my favorite structured winter pieces with some fresh colors and lighter materials to prepare me for the transition headed my way. For those residing in warmer climates (I’m jealous!), you can even get started on this mixing-and-matching now. Break out a mini dress with tights, or dress up jeans and a long-sleeve tee with a preppy trench coat. I even snuck in a few warm-weather pieces, just in case I decide to spring for a last-minute vacation to a beach somewhere.