May 26, 2024

Ellington, through her company and LCC brand, is the proud recipient of the Scotiabank Vision Achiever Award which she earned for being the top women-led business in their programme.

Priding itself as Jamaica’s premier vegan make-up brand, the three-year-old Le Champ Cosmetics Ltd (LCC) has already pressed itself into the local market with ambitions to further build out its services palate in the coming years.

The company, birthed out of the love and passion for fashion and beauty by its founder and CEO Shanique Ellington, was first started during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic as a hobby but later transitioned into the much sought-after brand it has become today.

“The business was started out of a desire to utilise my natural talent for branding and marketing utilising a product I have a genuine love for. Our clientèle made up of mainly those women who care about the health of their skin, also attract those that are environmentally conscious and serious about supporting authentic Jamaican brands,” Ellington told the Jamaica Observer.

Doubling down on the ongoing global campaign which seeks to have a greener and safer planet, the company through its organic plant-based and cruelty-free products specifically targets a diverse range of women having dual interest in the health of their skin and the environment.

The LCC make-up line which now carries a full range of vegan products comprises foundations, pressed powders, concealers, lipsticks and eye shadows among several others needed to give that full Le Champ face beat.

Aside from its growing list of products, the company also offers make-up services for corporate shoots, TV commercials, promotional and other events including bridal and graduation ceremonies. From its state-of-the-art Goodwood Terrace location in St Andrew, which was opened in 2022, the company also offers make-up tutorials and classes.

“We have over 30 make-up artists across the island and a core staff of eight team members. We’ve also recently added a Le Champ lifestyle ambassador in the person of Gianna Fakhourie who embodies the values and personality of our customer base along with our Le Champ corporate ambassador, Angelie Martin-Spencer, who is the power behind our initiative to do business with corporate Jamaica,” the CEO said of current strategies being put in place to strengthen the brand’s market position.

“In a fast-growing business it’s easy to get burnout from working overtime due to the passion and love for the company and that has been one of the greatest challenges. I have, however, recently sought to mitigate this by hiring more team members to help with the day-to-day operations,” she added.

Ellington, after being named as one of those young entrepreneurs to watch in 2023, has so far positioned the company to cop a number of awards, most noteworthy of which are the Scotiabank’s Vision Achiever Award which she earned for being the top women-led business in their programme and more recently, the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association’s (JMEA) Next-Generation Leadership Award — all of which have been earned for the amazing work done and significant strides the company has made in its short existence.

Anticipating the future growth of her business, an upbeat Ellington said that a number of plans remain in the works as she looks to expand and unlock the next phase of success. Through its e-commerce platform, the company is already able to attract sales from members of the Diaspora and other customers overseas.

“We have plans to also expand our footprint in the local market as we engage beauty supply stores and spas to distribute our products. Due to the current demand we have also been getting from across the island, we are now moving to have wholesalers and distributors of Le Champ Cosmetics products beginning in January 2024,” she told Sunday Finance.

Founder and CEO of Le Champ Cosmetics Shanique Ellington shows off two of her products.

The LCC make-up carries a full range of vegan products, comprising foundations, pressed powders, concealers, lipsticks, and eye shadows among several others needed to give that full Le Champ face beat.

Ellington flanked by the recently named ambassadors of her brand Angelie Martin-Spencer (left) and Gianna Fakhourie

Le Champ contour and blush powder products

Ellington poses with the Next-Generation Leadership Award she received from the JMEA at its awards gala held in September

LCC pressed powder