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Oct 30, 2023

The latest edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion, which took place last week at the Sant Pau modernist venue, staged unforgettable moments, including an unprecedented appearance of pets on the runways, a diverse cast of models spanning different ages, genders, and body types, and even the incorporation of water features and colorful inflatables.

Alterity collection – 080 Barcelona/ Facebook – DR

However, in the realm of high fashion, and after scrutinizing the fashion collections presented by the 23 distinct brands and designers in the Catalan capital, seven emerging trends will shape the fashion landscape in the coming months:


Denim and its derivatives, like most fabrics, require a substantial amount of water in their production. Nevertheless, they are also among the most durable and recyclable materials, which is why they were celebrated as an example of sustainable fashion in the 080 Reborn show and by brands such as Dominnico.


Although the early 2000s may feel like recent history, contemporary designers are increasingly finding inspiration in the aesthetics of that era. Cherry Massia’s collection, reminiscent of the vibrant nightlife fashion of the 2000s, breathed new life into this nostalgic trend.


Who says you have to stick to one color or style? The “Naïf” trend encourages mixing and matching like you’re a 10-year-old playing dress-up. Brands like Outsiders Division and Como la trucha al trucho embody this playful spirit with plush fabric accessories and knit pieces that showcase an array of bright colors. 

Sartorial elegance

080 Barcelona Fashion/ Facebook

The allure of finely tailored unisex attire is making a comeback, notably with designers like Carlota Barrera, whose work harks back to the timeless style of Diane Keaton in “Annie Hall”. It’s all about coordinated jacket and pant ensembles, a trend upheld by brands like Amlul and Lemachet.

Tie Dye revival

The tie-dye technique continues to enjoy popularity, largely driven by the demand for unique-looking garments created through eco-friendly dyeing processes. All that she loves and The Artelier are just a couple of brands that have mastered this method to bring vibrant, carefree designs to life.


080 Barcelona Fashion/ Facebook

As Custo Barcelona rightly asserts, “In fashion, shine is what brings excitement.” This belief is shared by fashion houses such as Lola Casademunt by Maite, Nathalie Chandler, and Lemachet, who are championing the use of metallic fabrics, be it silk or high-tech threads, to add charisma and luminosity to any look.

Culottes craze

Culottes, the lower-waisted, wide-legged pants, have become a style staple over the past few seasons. This trend is poised to continue into the upcoming winter, as exemplified by the latest collection from Simorra, among other brands. 

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